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If you have trouble with your electric garage door, check out these amazing tips

Keeping the door secure while on vacation

If you plan to go on vacation, unplug the garage door opener unit before you leave home. You may also use a vacation lock console security switch so your garage will be secured while you are away. This type of lock is an optional accessory to most openers. Our experts can provide you more safety tips for your door.

Opener without rolling-code technology

The rolling-code technology allows access codes to change each time the opener is utilized to prevent code grabbing. If your door opener does not have this feature, make sure to adjust the manufacturer’s standard access codes on the remote control and opener. You may also consider getting a new model that is upgraded with more safety and security features.

Test your garage door

To prevent door problems from arising in the future, you should make it a habit to test your garage door. Regardless of its mechanism, the door should be able to stay halfway down or halfway up without shooting up quickly or falling down to the floor.

Selecting the perfect door to be installed

You should consider the type of door by knowing how much use it will receive in a day, how long you want the door to last before you have to purchase a new one and what type of maintenance will be required.

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